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8th grade promotion details
Posted 05/19/2020 03:14PM


Honoring the promotion of our 8th graders has been a primary concern since the day school was closed. This transition marks the beginning of high school and sets up continued future success. This year, we are faced with balancing LeyVa tradition with everyones' safety. In these historic times, we are taking extraordinary measures to honor you and your child:

  • PROMOTION CEREMONY We will hold a virtual ceremony on June 12 at 1:00 pm. The ceremony will stream online and follow our traditions as close as possible. Every student's name will be read like our traditional ceremony. The link and more details will be sent in a future email and published on our webpage in time for you to share with family and friends. For now, save the date and time as we prepare to celebrate your child's time at LeyVa Middle School and in the Evergreen School District.
  • PROMOTION T-SHIRTS A limited edition promotion T-shirt is available for FREE as a gift for every 8th grader in our Quarantined Class of 2020. Here is the link: Enter your student ID number into the "discount code" field, and the shirt price will change to $0. THE DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, MAY 20 FOR THE FREE T-SHIRT. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • PROMOTION CERTIFICATES Promotion certificates will be available for pick-up beginning Friday, June 5 and will continue through June 12. Your child will need to return textbooks and the school-issued Chromebook (if he or she borrowed one) at the same time. If applicable, honors and other awards will also be included in the packet. A sign-up will be sent in the coming weeks.
  • PROMOTION YARD SIGNS Celebrate your Bulldog's accomplishments proudly. Our ASB has purchased a custom yard sign for every 8th grader. You can pick it up when you get your diploma and drop off textbooks/Chromebook (time TBD).
  • PROMOTION GOWN Our traditional ceremony includes a purple gown. We leave the cap and gown for high school and college graduation. If you'd like to order a gown as a keepsake, use this link ( The company will ship to your home. The link will go live later this evening or Wednesday AM.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this challenging and unique times. We hope to make long lasting memories for your family. Reach out for anything.

Aaron Brengard, principal

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